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One of the most effective ways to raise money is through challenge funds. Challenge funds create a tremendous incentive for caring people to give to a favorite charity: When we know that our generosity will be doubled, or even tripled, by another donor, we're more likely to make a gift. Challenge funds are particularly valuable during Give Local St. Joseph County because the more money a charity raises, the bigger the share it earns of the Community Foundation's matching pool.

These special challenge funds are IN ADDITION to funds available through the Community Foundation's Give Local St. Joseph County matching pool.

Currently, the following organizations have confirmed challenge funds:

Boys & Girls Clubs
: $10,000 from the Frank Family

CASIE Center: $15,000 from the Frank Family

     CASIE Center: $10,000 from Anonymous

     CASIE Center: $20,000 from the Mittler Family Foundation

     Center for Hospice Care: $10,000 from Anonymous

     Center for Hospice Care: $50,000 from 1st Source

Good Shepherd Montessori School: $10,000 from the Frank Family

     Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County: $15,000 from 1st Source

Hope Ministries: $10,000 from the Frank Family

     La Casa de Amistad: $13,000 from the Garcia HIspanic Fund

Leadership South Bend/Mishawaka: $50,000 from the Cressy Foundation

     The Music Village: $100,000 from Jerry Thoma

Reins of Life: $10,000 from the Frank Family

South Bend Civic Theatre: $50,000 from the Charles and Anne Hillman Family Fund

South Bend Education Foundation: $25,000 from the Marjorie H. Wilson Charitable Trust Fund

St. Joseph County Parks: $15,000 from Bike Michiana Coalition

     St. Joseph County Public LIbrary: $10,000 from the Friends of the Library

     St. Margaret’s House: $10,000 from the Frank Family

Trinity School at Greenlawn: $100,000 from Anonymous

     Unity Gardens: $10,000 from Anonymous

     WVPE-FM: $10,000 from Linda and Bipin Doshi

Youth Service Bureau: $10,000 from the Frank Family

YWCA: $25,000 from the Frank Family

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