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Hope Ministries

Since 1954 Hope Ministries has loved, challenged and transformed people whose lives have become unmanageable. The people Hope serves are often referred to as "homeless", but housing is just one of many problems they must overcome. Clients also struggle with addiction, mental and emotional health problems, physical health problems, unemployment, low educational attainment, broken relationships, lack of support systems and many other challenges. Hope seeks to love, challenge and transform people by, first, relieving their immediate crises of food, shelter and safety. Hope provides emergency and transitional housing (up to two years) for 35 single men, 16 single women and 18 families. Hope's Community Kitchen feeds both the residents living at Hope as well as any other person who comes for a meal. As clients begin to stabilize at Hope, they go through a Christ-centered, grace-based set of programs designed to heal the underlying pain and brokenness that is at the heart of their struggles. As these deep internal issues heal and transform, clients participate in programs such as Adult Education, Employment Readiness, Job Search, Parenting, Family Development, Addiction Recovery, Financial Management and Family and Personal Wellness to equip them to make healthy choices in the future for themselves and their families.
The funds raised through Give Local will support Hope's core mission of feeding and sheltering men, women and children, and giving them the opportunity to transform their future through Christ's healing power.
In the last 12 months, Hope has been working closely with the City of South Bend, local businesses and other local service providers to seek a long-term solution to permanently house the chronically homeless who are still living on the streets of our community. While the solutions have not been fully defined yet, we know that Hope will play a central role in implementing the new services. By giving to Give Local you are helping to ensure that Hope has sufficient funding for the critical services we currently provide, which will allow us to dedicate greater time and energy to planning, funding and implementing the additional critical services our community needs.

432 S. Lafayette Blvd.
South Bend, IN 46601

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