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LOGAN is a not-for-profit community organization that provides advocacy, resource, and services for children and adults with intellectually and developmental disabilities. Founded in 1950 by a passionate group of parents determined to give meaning and dignity to their children with disabilities, LOGAN remains dedicated to that fundamental purpose and continues to be here for families, continually growing to meet their changing needs. Now reaching over 1,400 families each year, LOGAN provides a full range of services from birth through adulthood, engaging every aspect of our local and regional communities in supporting individuals in their quest to learn, work, and live as valued citizens. As we pursue our mission to support people with disabilities achieve their desired quality of life, we embrace the values of respect, kindness, honesty, loyalty, and quality. LOGAN continues to invite community to come together so that potential can be discovered—the spirit of our mission today.
Your gift on Give Local Day SJC will help build The Dan Ryan Children’s Fund at LOGAN. Since the demand for children’s therapy services increases every year, specifically in the areas of autism and early intervention therapies for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, LOGAN established a fund for families who need financial assistance. The Dan Ryan Children’s Fund will lessen the financial impact to families, helping to reduce the financial burden associated with private pay rates, co-pays and uninsured services, services during transition from First Steps to school, and camp fees and therapeutic opportunities. With your support of The Dan Ryan Children’s Fund, children will have access to more services and you will help reduce the hardship many families go through to attain help for their children.
Why it matters: "Since our son started services 10 months ago, he has improved dramatically. We are very thankful for all the staff that has worked with him and cheered him on." - South Bend parent "Before starting LOGAN services, we didn't know how to communicate with our child due to the severity of his autism; they have provided us with the tools that allow us to communicate with our child... This has changed both his and our lives. We can't thank you enough!" - Granger parent.

2505 E. Jefferson Blvd.
South Bend, IN 46615

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