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Potawatomi Zoological Society

The Potawatomi Zoo will provide an exciting recreational and educational experience that fosters an appreciation for animals and nature; inspiring people to live in ways that promote the conservation and well-being of all living things. Through education, husbandry, exhibitry, and community outreach, the Potawatomi Zoological Society promotes excellence in education, conservation, and improved animal quality of life.
By supporting the Potawatomi Zoo you have the opportunity to enhance the future of your world and that of your children and grandchildren. You can help make certain that the Zoo and the wildlife that depend on us for their conservation are here for generations to come. With gifts made possible by Give Local St. Joseph County, we will continue to improve our animal exhibits, educational experiences and visitor amenities, all while ensuring industry standards are exceeded. There are few other places where your investment can touch the lives of so many people, as well as wildlife around the globe now and from now on.
A historical Indiana destination, The Potawatomi Zoo is a recreation, education and conservation-driven organization. Supported by members, donors and local corporate and civic partners, the Zoo provides dynamic animal exhibits and superior guest experiences while preserving open space and natural environments. The Potawatomi Zoo provides the region with an important and effective cultural, educational and conservation venue. Additional endowed funds would support our general operations and mission achievement.

500 S Greenlawn Ave
South Bend, IN 46615

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