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The School City of Mishawaka Education Foundation (MEF) is committed to providing School City of Mishawaka educators and students with sustainable funding required to achieve extraordinary educational opportunities.Our mission is achieved through "Granting a Better Future" with giving to classroom grants that teachers request, fulfilling system-wide needs such as wireless technology for all SCM buildings, elementary classroom libraries, a Mishawaka High School Graphics Arts Department, Middle School and High School Media Centers, academic competition monies, senior recognition awards, School City of Mishawaka Special Olympics, Early Childhood equipment, Lego and Robotics opportunities, and our signature project, Beyond the Cave. Beyond the Cave, is a center located within Mishawaka High School that operates to help Mishawaka students and their parents become equipped with information and opportunities so the student can excel when they leave the k-12 setting. This is through one on one after school counseling, SAT offerings, financial planning, post secondary visits, student recognition and student tracking for data to help with future success stories for Mishawaka students. The MEF is a coalition building organization to make Mishawaka students, staff and the City of Mishawaka EXCELLENT. As we ALL know it takes a village to raise a child and MEF with the help of your donation WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN in an exceptional environment.
Mishawaka Education Foundation will work on our "WISH LIST" to make the students in Mishawaka Schools have an excellent education.This "WISH LIST" allows SCM Administrators and teachers to think "outside the box" and MEF can share through our website, facebook, newsletter these opportunities to our givers like yourself. As many know, public school educators provide many of their own consumable supplies and last year MEF asked our wonderful MHS Alumni Association to bring to their August monthly meeting (300 attendees) school supplies and then MEF was able to share with two of our 80% plus free and reduced schools these supplies for students throughout the year. A priority for MEF is the MHS Early College program which takes MHS pre-identified freshman (students with mid-level achievement) and puts them into an accelerated 4 year program that allows students to be successful.Through lots of "extra" help and encouragement to succeed they can leave MHS with a 2 year FREE associate college degree. The MEF recently helped fund their summer college visit trip to area colleges and site visit to University of Chicago. This is important since many of these students are on free and reduced status and they would never have the opportunity for a college trip. MEF would like to provide funding for ALL AP college testing for these students. MEF is also committed to the physical health of Mishawaka students and runs a 5K/Mini run/walk tor our Mishawaka community at Central Park on September 30, 2017, including a health fair with area health agencies. Prior to the race MEF sponsors with the SCM PTA "Get Fit" clubs in each of our schools. These "Get Fit" clubs meet after school for 12 weeks to encourage our students to MOVE! It is culminated with an all school cross country meet and then the 5K race. The mini race is all inclusive to share with every level of participant, young and old, healthy and disabled. MEF with the City of Mishawaka also encourages the "I Love to Exercise in Mishawaka" campaign culminating at the race. This takes donations to make it an AMAZING event! Our desire to increase physical education with Mishawaka students also appears on our "WISH LIST" as a new PE training lab at John Young Middle School. The lab presently has 10 year old broken, obsolete equipment and MEF wants to change this for JYMS students' health! SCM will have their first ever Mishawaka schools Special Olympics for our amazing "exceptional learners". MEF would like to be the major sponsor of this event through funding for exercise and event equipment. SCM staff and teachers are wonderful! BUT they need professional development through the many opportunities available to enhance their jobs. MEF would like to provide monies for this that is not available now in SCM budget. Our Beyond the Cave signature project would like to help provide students with SAT fees, scholarships, school application fees, etc. The list is large but doable with financial assistance from YOU!
The Mishawaka Education Foundation is a non profit Board of Directors consisting of 28 community volunteer members including the SCM Superintendent, PTA representative, SCM Board member, MHS Alumni Representative, and Mishawaka Education Association member. These members have a passion to make the education for 5,000 Mishawaka public school students EXCELLENT! The budget for MEF since 2011 has gone from $10,000 to $186,000 because of the NEED to HELP! By working with the SCM Administration on these needs, MEF is making a difference for staff and students and the Mishawaka community's future...our children are the future! Together with the City of Mishawaka and the business community the culture of Mishawaka is changing to EXCELLENCE! Mishawaka has a very loyal, active base of MHS alumni (3,500 members) that receive a monthly newsletter and attend luncheons. This is the largest active alumni group in the USA! SO the pieces are ALL in place BUT the dollars ($$$) to make the "WISHES" come true. MEF has the opportunity to appeal to YOU the giver through GIVE LOCAL ST. JOSEPH COUNTY to put the FINAL PIECE in place. MEF has had an amazing record since 1994, the oldest local public school Foundation in the area. Our record of giving over $520,000.00 to assist Mishawaka students is incredible! MEF has built partnerships with the entire community to achieve this success. Our partnerships include Bethel College, SJRMC, YMCA, City of Mishawaka, Mishawaka Business Association, SCM PTA, SCM Staff and Teachers (250 members are part of our payroll deduction campaign yearly), SCM Vendors, MHS Alumni, Mishawaka parents and community! MEF is excited to add YOU to this list through any giving vehicle YOU want to share! If you have anyone that ever was associated with Mishawaka schools then YOU want to be on the team striving for EXCELLENCE! Recently, MEF received our largest bequest that has made the MHS Graphic Arts Department a reality for Mishawaka students YOU want to be part of making this kind of difference FOREVER....Let's PLAY IT FORWARD TOGETHER for our children and our community! THANK YOU!

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