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South Bend Heritage

South Bend Heritage (SBH) is a non-profit community and economic development organization which is committed to the stabilization and empowerment of South Bend’s neighborhoods. Our vision is a united community where diverse urban neighborhoods are considered choice places to live, as well as to operate a business, and where all residents have equitable and just opportunities to reach their full potential. For over 40 years, SBH has worked to achieve holistic neighborhood development focusing on both people and place. SBH strengthens neighborhoods by securing resources like quality housing, improved healthcare options, arts, cultural and education opportunities and other public and private investments supporting South Bend residents. SBH has developed the construction and renovation of 6 major multi-family housing developments, 80+ new homes constructed, 100+ home rehabs, 25+ new and renovated commercial construction projects. SBH has also counseled over 1000 individuals in Foreclosure Prevention and first-time Homebuyer Education. Partnership developments have included the IUSB Civil Rights Heritage Center, University of Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture, The Salvation Army Kroc Center and the Sister Maura Brannick Chapin Street Clinic. SBH established the Red Ribbon March Against Drugs and Violence, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration of St. Joseph County and the Colfax Campus Gallery, South Bend Mutual Homes and Permanent Supportive Housing for the Homeless.
SBH believes that everyone deserves a safe, secure and quality place to call home. SBH creates diverse housing opportunities for everyone at every stage in life. From homeownership to multifamily housing to specialized apartments for seniors, cooperative housing and mixed income developments, the driving force behind our push for housing is to strengthen neighborhoods and provide decent livable housing to those with very limited incomes. By creating the most appropriate and needed housing options, SBH is improving the fabric of our neighborhoods for everyone. While South Bend Heritage has stabilized and improved much of the Near Westside and Northeast Neighborhoods, residents are still facing hundreds of vacant and abandoned homes, vacant lots and general lack of business investment. Our efforts must insure that residents in South Bend will have decent housing choices and thriving neighborhoods. The current support from the City administration and interest in urban neighborhoods by new populations has never been higher than it is now and we are ready to capitalize on this momentum. South Bend Heritage will use the funds raised from Give Local to support the development of additional transformative housing options and continue to build up urban neighborhoods as inclusive destinations for everyone in our community.

803 Lincolnway West
South Bend, IN 46550

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