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St. Margaret's House

St. Margaret’s House is a day center that welcomes women and children struggling with economic poverty. Rooted in the gospel value of hospitality, we provide nutrition, address immediate needs and offer assistance through practical skill-based programs and counseling within a community of dedicated volunteers and staff. We work together to break down barriers of isolation, and foster the discovery of the unique gifts and talents of each person who walks through the doors. At St. Margaret’s House, women are empowered to take their next best step forward. St. Margaret’s House is a place where women are encouraged to change their lives. Guests, staff, volunteers and donors intersect in this place to share their lives, learn, mourn, celebrate, grow and change together. Stereotypes are shattered and each woman is seen through the prism of her unique gifts and talents rather than by her problems. Every woman faces her own unique challenges. At St Margaret’s House however, no woman ever has to battle those challenges alone. As a source of encouragement and support, the St. Margaret’s House community embraces each woman as she discovers her own unique gifts and talents and works to create a better life for herself and her family.
With the funds raised through Give Local St. Joseph County, St. Margaret's House will provide essential services, programming and a community of support to women and children who live in poverty.
At St. Margaret’s House, women and their children have a place to call their own -- a community where their gifts are recognized and flourish. It has become a place where hardship and sorrow are shared, hope is rekindled, and lives are changed as women help one another to believe in and become their best selves. Staff and volunteers offer services to approximately 1,800 individuals each year. Volunteers are the heart that beats through St. Margaret's House. Each year over 150 volunteers log approximately 18,000 volunteer hours. Our volunteers not only give of their time, they give of their heart and remind the community how women moving forward rarely do it on their own.

117 N. Lafayette Blvd.
South Bend, IN 46601

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